Rules & Regulations

• It is understood that the Setauket Neighborhood House, (SNH) the Setauket Neighborhood Association, Inc., and the Setauket Community House, Inc., are released from all liability in case of accident or injury to user or to any of his/her guests and are not responsible in any way for any personal property left in the House.

• All damages caused by or traceable to the user, must be repaired at the expense of the user. In order to absolve the user from responsibilityfor damages or disrepair existing before use, the user must call attention of the caretaker to this damage immediately before the use of the House. If this is not done, the user makes himself/herself liable for any damage or disrepair which may be said to have happened during his/her occupancy. The House must be left as it is found.

General Info

• All balloons must be tied down with weights.

• NO balloons are allowed to be tied to the sign outside.

• All balloons and STRING must be removed if tied to porch.

• The SNH provides soap and paper for the restrooms.

• You may adjust the thermostats to suit your individual needs.

• Please do not have doors and or windows open when either the AC or heat is on.

• The Resident Managers reserve the right to make any changes in the set-up that they deem inappropriate for the House.

• The doors are unlocked by 9am. If special arrangements are necessary please contact Resident Managers. 




• Wine, and Champagne are preferred.

• House furnishings may not be moved, taken down; i.e. sofa, chairs, pictures, grandfather clock, mirrors.

• Food may be warmed up and coffee prepared, but no continuous frying or general cooking is permitted in the kitchen.

• Nothing may be hung on any painted surfaces in the house. (No tape, paste, tacks, or staples are permitted.)

• Candles in enclosed votives are permitted in the Boardroom or Ballroom and must be monitored at all times.

• No decorations may be attached to or hung from wall sconces.

• Food, Drink, and buffet tables are not permitted in the parlors.

• All caterers must be approved by the SNH.

• Due to N.Y.S. Health Department Regulations and Fire Codes, there is NO SMOKING inside the SNH.

• There shall be no trade, business, or any other commercial use in the House.

• Maximum occupancy 100.

• The tennis courts are a private club and not part of the rental.

• Events must end at 11pm.

• Decorations are not to be place in the front entrace corner cabinet shelf.