Rental Information

• The Neighborhood House does not provide coffee makers, ice, dishes, glasses, sliverware etc...

• Power switches for fans and chandelier are located in the chair closet in the ballroom.

• A telephone is located in the kitchen area. The number is 631- 751-6208.

• All children must be supervised by adults at all times. 

Room Dimensions

• Ballroom 29’ x 39’ 1131 sq. ft.

• Boardroom 27’ x 30’ 810 sq. ft.


• Dining Room Table 106” x 46”


14 - 72 inch. Seat eight people.


10 - 60 inch. Seat eight people.

10 - 48 inch. Seat six people.

10 - 39 inch. Seat four people.

We Provide the Chairs 

• Chairs and tables are located in the ballroom closets and may be carried about anywhere in the house area. They must be returned to the closets, stacked and stored properly.

Rentals & Deliveries

• Inform us if you are using any rentals and on the arrival and pick-up dates of the rentals.

• The rentals are to be placed in the vestibule area outside the kitchen.

• Make sure the rental company is aware that we that we are not always here and we cannot sign for any deliveries.

• Give specific instructions as to where to place rentals.

• SNH is not responsible for any items left or picked up by rental companies.


• We have no automatic dishwasher. Please bring your own soap, dish towels, paper towels, sponges, detergents and heavy plastic bags.

• All garbage must be secured in heavy plastic bags and placed in the dumpster.

• Please sweep all rooms that are used; a broom and dustpan are located in the kitchen vestibule area, and a large broom is located in the ballroom closet.

• Pick up debris left outside the periphery of building.

• Turn lights out when leaving house.