Truly a rare treasure.

Alongside a quiet lake where swans glide, rests an historic jewel, a special gift that belongs to our community. It’s a charming spot where folks gather, a place to explore your talents and a center of activity―it’s also the perfect place to celebrate those memorable moments in our lives. It’s the Setauket Neighborhood House―and was given to our community to be enjoyed by all our neighbors. 

Through a magnanimous donation by Old Field industrialist, Eversley Childs and his wife, Minnie, this 18century property was purchased in 1918 and presented as a gift to our community. Mr. & Mrs. Childs also provided funds for the addition of the Ballroom and the home became a true neighborhood meeting house. 


Board of Directors

The Setauket Neighborhood Association Inc. is a non for profit organization
headed by the Officers and Board of Directors. Presently serving in this capacity are:

Tim O’Leary

Robert Spatny
Vice President
Building & Grounds

Janette Handley

James Carpenter
Recording Secretary

Janette Handley
Corresponding Secretary

Class of 2016

Bonnie Connelly
Connie Hanes
Joe Perino
Julie Parmegiani
Irene Ruddock
Scott Sanders


Alice D’Amico

A. Marshall Irving
Trustee Liaison

Resident Manager

Maria Nardiello