“A Woman’s Way” writing workshop will guide you on your path as a writer with stimulating “Story Sparks,” group discussion and constructive feedback that will help you put your stories on the page and hone your talent. 

We start each session with a centering meditation, which includes a quote that sets the theme for our writing. 

At the group, we invite our inner wisdom to chart our personal path to authenticity. Whether we put pen to page or fingers to keyboard, we tap into our inner spring of creativity and let our words flow. 

The “Story Sparks” are our dowsing rods, which lead us into the deep waters of our inner being. They activate and honor both the female and male energies within each of us. Our stories emerge as memoir, poetry, fiction, essay, screenplay…or they will shape-shift into whatever form that best expresses our individual, true voice. 

The instructor is poet and essayist Anne Kelly-Edmunds, who has taught creative-writing workshops on Long Island for 19 years. She is a former magazine editor, feature-article writer and public relations specialist.

“A Woman’s Way” meets Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3 p.m. The fee is $12 per class. Please bring a notebook and a pen.

For more information, email Anne at annekellyedmunds@hotmail.com or call her at 631-473-4884.

Anne Kelly Edmunds

Anne Kelly Edmunds